About Me

Karahan* (Ph.D.) is currently working in Nanyang Environment Water and Research Institute as a research fellow. 

His main research interests deal with the concept of supramolecular interactions, i.e. how matters 👍🏾/👎🏾 each other.

Mentoring undergraduates, and writing things (papers, poems... you name it!) are among his biggest joys...

* People started calling him by surname lately. Looks like he got used to it!


2013 / 2018, PhD in Bioeng. @ NTU with attachment to Singapore Inst. of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) @ Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore
Dissertation: Understanding and Unlocking the Potential of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets as Antibacterial Agents (Advisors: Prof.s WEI Jun, XU Chenjie, CHEN Yuan)
Permalink: hdl.handle.net/10356/75892 (under embargo till 13.July.2019, except the abstract)

2009 / 2012, MSc in Materials Science & Eng. @ Koç Univ., Istanbul, Turkey
Thesis: Layer-by-Layer Spin-Assembly of Carbon Nanotube Incorporated H-Bonded Multilayer Films (Advisor: Prof. A. Levent DEMİREL)

2005 / 2009, BSc in Molecular Biology & Genetics @ Istanbul Technical Univ. (ITU), Istanbul, Turkey
Capstone Thesis: [Investigation of Coriolopsis polyzona lcc2 Laccase Gene], in Turkish (Advisor: Prof. Candan TAMERLER)

2004 / 2008, BSc in Chemical Eng. (principle major in Double Major Program) @ ITU
Design Project: Production of Hydrogen via HyPr-RING Process (Advisor: Prof. Ekrem EKİNCİ)
Capstone Thesis: [Production of Wound Dressings Using Polyurethane and Chitosan], in Turkish (Advisors: Prof.s Ş. Birgül TANTEKİN-ERSOLMAZ, Seniha GÜNER)


2019-July / onwards, Visiting Researcher @ School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, The University of Sydney (Sponsors: Prof. Y. Chen)

2017-Dec / onwards, Research Assoc./Fellow @ NEWRI-SMTC and School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, NTU (Group Leader: Prof. Tae-Hyun BAE)

2013-Aug / 2017-Aug, Research & Teaching Asst. (Chemical Engineering laboratory) @ NTU, School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

2009-Sept / 2013-July, Research & Teaching Asst. (Analytical and Organic Chemistry laboratories, General Chemistry tutorials) @ Koç Univ., Chemistry Dept.

2009-Feb / 2009-June, Student Teaching Asst. (General Biology laboratory)@ ITU, Molecular Biology & Genetics Dept.

2007-June / 2008-Nov, Summer Intern, Intern, Part/Full-Time R&D Engineer (project design/development, academic relations) @ Polychem [Polyurethane Manufacturing Center] (current name: Poliser PU) by Flokser Textile Inc. (Flokser Tekstil San. & Tic. A.Ş.), Istanbul

2006-June / 2006-Sept, Summer Intern (enrichment and processing of cord blood stem cells for long-term storage with cryopreservation) @ GenKord [Cord Blood & Stem Cell Bank], Istanbul

2003-June / 2005-June, Part-time Agent (data collection/entry/processing for consumer market research)
@ Knowledge Management Group, KMG Research (under Ipsos by 2007), Istanbul


2019-Aug, JSPS Fellowship for postdoctoral research, The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan

2019-May, 2019 Carbon Journal Prize by Carbon journal (Elsevier), given to “an outstanding PhD thesis”
Given for “an outstanding PhD thesis in carbon materials science and technology” annually.

2018-Aug, 2016 The Best Paper by the Journal of Energy Chemistry (Elsevier), see #10 under Journal Articles

2018-July, The Brian Kelly Award 2018 by the British Carbon Group, U.K. (award received at Carbon 2018)
One/two early-career researcher(s) receive(s) this recognition annually since 1996.

2017-July, Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing by Carbon journal (Elsevier)

2017-July, Best Poster Award @ The Int’l. Symposium on Carbon Research Frontiers, Sydney, Australia

2017-June, MRS Best Poster Award @ 9th Int’l. Conf. on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT) by Materials Research Society of Singapore (MRS-S), Singapore

2017-May, Shortlist for MRS-S Graduate Student Award @ ICMAT 2017 by MRS-S, Singapore

2017-Jan, Best Poster Award @ SIMTech Student Poster Symposium 2017 by A*STAR, Singapore

2013-Apr, Singapore Int’l. Graduate Award (SINGA) by A*STAR (in cooperation with TEV), Singapore
This competitive award grants a four-year PhD scholarship in Singapore.

2011-July, Best Poster Award (and Travel Support) @ 6th ICMAT by MRS-S, Singapore

2009-July, Graduate Scholarships (MSc/PhD) by Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering of Koç Univ., Istanbul, Turkey

2005-Aug, Acceptance to the Double-Major Program by Faculty of Science and Literature of ITU

2006-June, Textile Scholarship (nonrefundable support for 2 semesters) by Flokser Textile Inc., Istanbul

2003-June, Success Grant (nonrefundable) by Alumni Association of Eyüboğlu Science High School, Istanbul

2003-June, Honor Committee Prize & Mathematics Prize by Eyüboğlu Science High School, Istanbul


2019-Sep / onwards, Review editor, Editorial Board of Frontiers in Chemical Engineering

2019-July / onwards, Member, Extended Advisory Board of Carbon journal (Elsevier)

2019-June / onwards, Member, International Water Association (IWA)

2017-July / onwards, Founding member and science comm. writer/editor @ EpistemTurkiye.org initiative

2010-Nov / 2012-Sep, Member, Administrative Board of Graduate Student Assoc., Koç Univ.